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Electronic Label System

Real-time updates, easy maintenance, customized graphics, Electronic Label System

Keep up with technology and do away with printed price labels so that you can save on manual labor and expensive and time consuming processes that can generate errors that are difficult to resolve. There is no longer any need to print labels every time the dates or prices change and you no longer have to freeze up your employee’s time with the menial task of manually replacing or changing labels.

Now you have one single interface for managing prices, barcodes or promotions for a store or a network of stores. The updates are done instantly through the software application, using a wireless connection server. The system consists of 3 components: software, hardware (the labels themselves) and shelf mounting accessories. 

With DesignFriends your work is efficient and profitable!



Electronic shelf label

DesignFriends Electronic shelf label

Customers decide what to purchase while they are in front of the shelves, so the information displayed for them must be correct, complete, and easy to change. By choosing DesignFriends electronic labels, everything is simple and fast, with real-time updates. Additionally, shelves will have a cohesive design, with the graphics you want.


Accessories for electronic labels

All the accesories you need to implement electronic labels on the shelves, from the mounting accesories, rails, supports, to clips or rods. Shelves will have a cohesive design, with the graphics you want. Choose the accessories you need for your store to make full use of the complete electronic labeling system.