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Digital Solutions

Be ahead of the pack with DesignFriends Digital Solutions

Keep up with technology and choose innovative digital solutions that will make your job easier while impressing your clients. This way you can reach as many clients as possible and the content can be changed even from a distance with just a click. You can choose the width of the screens depending on your available space. Easy maintenance, excellent results.



Permaplay Monitors

Permaplay Monitors, German quality

Permaplay offers you German quality for a wide range of products with a diagonal of your choice, from 7 '' to 43 '' (18 - 97cm). The network-connected range helps you easily change and control media content remotely, using central software connected to Android screens. Permaplay products are tested by our experts and successfully implemented on shelves, showrooms or product presentations.


LG Monitors

High-performance LG monitors

LG monitors combine state-of-the-art technologies with compact models giving you unparalleled contrast, color and processing. Choose a high-performance LG monitor below.


Philips Monitors

It is now very easy to choose your next Philips Monitor

Performance Series offers state-of-the-art TV technologies, including 4K UHD, Room-Wrapping Ambilight, Android TV, Google Assistant, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

DesignFriends Monitors

With DesignFriends monitors you have control over the content just a few clicks away

DesignFriends monitors are carefully selected for your commercial projects. We help you promote your products or services at the shelf through digital solutions that will attract everyone's attention. You have control over the content exposed just a few clicks away and the ultrawide design helps you easily implement them in projects where the standard dimensions of the monitors on the market do not match. Your messages will have more exposure on the shelf, where customers make purchasing decisions, all with easy maintenance.

With DesignFriends you keep up with technology and always come out the winner!

Infodesk touch screen monitors

Be creative and more attractive to get the customers into action!

TouchScreen display online self-service and getting the latest information is common nowadays. Playing video creates more attention than static printing, communicates on eye level, stimulate impulse purchases by showing your product video on eyelevel and results in a more quick decision to buy!


Totems and Displays

 Totems and Displays

 Totems and Displays

LED Display Solution

A diverse range of LED display solution

We offer a diverse range of LED screens in various sizes, shapes and resolutions depending on your project needs and budget. You can choose between INDOOR or OUTDOOR screens and sizes depending on your available space. With easy maintenance and excellent image clarity, LED screens display multiple types of information and are visible from great distances which catches the eye of potential customers.

Such video displays placed in a busy area can be seen daily by over 20,000 people. We can provide you with both the structure and the installation of customized LED screens.

Contact us for details!

Electronic Label System

Real-time updates, easy maintenance, customized graphics, Electronic Label System

Keep up with technology and do away with printed price labels so that you can save on manual labor and expensive and time consuming processes that can generate errors that are difficult to resolve. There is no longer any need to print labels every time the dates or prices change and you no longer have to freeze up your employee’s time with the menial task of manually replacing or changing labels.

Now you have one single interface for managing prices, barcodes or promotions for a store or a network of stores. The updates are done instantly through the software application, using a wireless connection server. The system consists of 3 components: software, hardware (the labels themselves) and shelf mounting accessories. 

With DesignFriends your work is efficient and profitable!


Retail Security System

Retail Security System

Anti-theft solutions that secure and power tablets, phones, watches, headphones, speakers, laptops and other equipment according to the needs of the location, specially designed to protect goods, staff and even customers of a store while it is open to the general public. They also have the role of intimidating people who want to steal goods from the store. The systems have maximum efficiency if used in conjunction with video surveillance systems.

Other Digital Systems

Other Digital Systems

DesignFriends offers a various range of digital systems, equipment and solutions for different visual and informative communications needs, from facial detectors or people flow monitoring system to retails security systems or totems, displays, LED displays or 3D holographic projectors, with impressive impact.

Philips 10" display with multi touch
In Stock
High impact!From advertising to the shelf to orientation, this ultra-clear, multi-touch smart display is ideal when space is tight.
2,314.60 lei
55" Philips Professional P-Line TV
In Stock
Power and flexibility. Designed for 24/7 use, this rugged Philips P-Line digital signal display has stood the test of time.
16,475.60 lei
43" Philips Professional P-Line TV
In Stock
Power and flexibility. Designed for 24/7 use, this rugged Philips P-Line digital signal display has stood the test of time.
7,074.60 lei