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Protection Visors

DesignFriends protection visors, foldable, attached either to the caps or just to the crest or visors made entirely of plexiglass, have universal sizes and offer protection for the entire face against small solid particles or liquid splashes. The visors are also suitable for eye protection against chips that occur during the processing of metal, wood, plastic, ceramics, in the extractive industry.

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Detachable Visor Cap
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The folding and detachable visor made of transparent PET has a high impact resistance, it is flexible, it can be bent in the cold without whitening.
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Detachable Visor
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It is a folding device with the front, the visor, made of transparent PET and the cap made of cotton and together ensures maximum visibility and protection in the facial area (eyes, nose, mouth) of drops, dust or other substances and pathogens such as the new Coronavirus, being an important object in personal protection against contamination.
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Comfort Folding Visor
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The reusable visor made of transparent plastic (PET G of 500 microns) can be sterilized by chemical or UV methods and reused.
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