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Light totems are often used for signaling gas stations, banks, company headquarters and car dealerships. Due to the vertical type structure and the fact that they are placed at ground level, the totems represent a very visible and elegant signaling at the same time. Totems can be illuminated from the inside with neon tubes or LEDs or from the outside with halogen or LED projectors.

Materials such as composite aluminum (dibond), plexiglass, expanded PVC, plain aluminum, steel are used to make a totem. Below you can find ideal totems for banks, totems for companies, totems for gas stations, totems for hotels, totems for bars and totems for restaurants.

The displayed prices do not include product customization. For included graphics, ask for a special price here!

Twista Lite totem
In Stock
Easy to use ‘snap action’ poster rail. Smart modern design – aluminium rail with grey plastic end caps and hooks.
56.50 lei
Trappa totem
In Stock
A very easy to use ‘snap-action’ aluminium rail, designed to support a range of printable media including paper, card, PVC and fabric.
126.40 lei
Vector Wall totem
In Stock
An ideal solution if you need to change your message regularly.
157.60 lei
Vector Wall Quick totem
In Stock
Create a stunning wall mounted display in double quick time with the Vector Wall Quick Fix.
157.68 lei
Spiral display system
In Stock
The Spiral display system comes as a portable display tower, or as a plinth/counter, that packs down into a single wheeled case for easy transportation.
1,957.60 lei