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Self-Adhesive Decorative Foil

DesignFriends Self-Adhesive Decorative Foil

Self-adhesive PVC decorative foil for flat or curved surfaces is available in a wide range of colors, shades and textures, ideal for decorating furniture, walls and other design elements. Decorative foils are suitable for architectural and interior design projects, from office buildings, commercial spaces and collective housing to private homes and guesthouses. They are available for both indoor and outdoor applications.

At Design Friends you can also find the decorative foils available in the FR version, fire class B1s1d0. Available in rolls with a width of 1.22m and a length of 50m, the decorative foils are marked on the support which is removed when used with gradations so that you can cut exactly as much as you need without having to measure.

Decorative foil walnut 1,220m width
In Stock
Self-adhesive decorative sticker in PVC roll, walnut decoration, roll width 1,220m, roll length 50m. Available in three shades. (choose the shade below!)
100.60 lei
Decorative Foil White Color 1,220m Width
In Stock
Self-adhesive decorative sticker in PVC roll, white color, roll width 1,220m, roll length 50m, available in 2 shades. (select the shade below)
124.80 lei