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Textile Care

Textile Care

At the moment, upholstered furniture with fashionable fabric covers are extremely popular again. Following many years of microfibre fabrics dominating the upholstered furniture segment, recent times have seen a clear trend towards woven and textured fabrics. In the meantime, textile covers, such as flat weaves, jacquard and chenille in a wide range of threads, patterns and colors are enriching the market. To retain the beauty of your upholstered furniture in the long term, regular, preventive and care measures are very important.

And why? Assuming you were not to clean your upholstery fabric on a regular basis and one day had to remove an unsightly stain on the cover: removing the stain with professional cleaning products will leave the treated area looking lighter because you have only cleaned the area affected and not the entire sofa.

However, preventive and regular cleaning and care with products from the PURATEX® range always leaves you with clean covers and well-looked-after seating.

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