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Advertising flags or beachflags are the perfect solution for advertising when we talk about outdoor events. Advertising flags are available in different sizes, shapes and colors to ensure the best solution in displaying the logo or message of the advertising campaign.

The displayed prices do not include product customization. For included graphics, ask for a special price here!

Zoom+ flag
In Stock
The Zoom+ flag is a flexible full fibre flag pole designed to give you a choice of pole sizes covering small, medium, large & extra-large that can accommodate three different flag shapes – Quill, Crest and Feather.
197.80 lei
Formulate Lite Feather flag
In Stock
The Formulate Lite Feather flags create a simple yet stunning outdoor product.
229.00 lei
Formulate Quill flags
In Stock
The Formulate Quill flags create a simple yet stunning outdoor product.
276.70 lei
Shimmer flag
In Stock
Economical telescopic flag with black water-fillable base included and adjustable height up to 3m.
277.00 lei
Zoom+ Edge flag
In Stock
Popular versatile lightweight flexible flag system with black finish all fibre poles. Idea for all types of indoor and outdoor displays.
364.10 lei
The street flag
In Stock
The Street Flag is a great way to advertise whilst on the move! Ideal for promoting events, charity awareness, your stand location at an exhibition or keeping your tour group together!
474.50 lei
Rotating Mistral flag
In Stock
For a more eye-catching display, Mistral Rotating flag brackets are mounted to posts on an extended arm, allowing the graphic to rotate in the wind.
712.20 lei
Telescopic flag, 5m
In Stock
Telescopic flag, ideal for making an impact at outdoor events.
870.20 lei
Mini Zoom flag
A versatile flag holder that can be assembled in different heights, up to approx. 2 metres, to suit the display requirement.
Price available on request.Please contact us here
Mistral flag
Perfect for promoting events outside, flags can be wall, pole or lamp post mounted and are made from weatherproof materials.
Price available on request.Please contact us here
Large water base
In Stock
The Large Water base is the heaviest and most durable base option within our flag range, suitable for all flat surfaces with a capability to be filled with 30 litres of water giving maximum stability and performance.
407.50 lei