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Transparent plastic display

An easy way to display your advertising message on the table, counter, desk or wall

Transparent plastic displays are a simple way to display the advertising message on the table, counter, desk, counter or wall. It does not require mounting, it is simply positioned where you need it. On the side they have a slot to be able to add or change the advertising material simply and easily.

You can choose between the 2 models, in L or T, specially designed to provide stability and help your customers to clearly see the information displayed. The T-shaped model allows the visibility of the message on both sides, double-sided. You can choose between several sizes available, from A4 to A6, and two orientation possibilities, vertical or horizontal, depending on your needs. We also offer transparent plastic displays for brochures in several formats.

They are robust, durable, made of hard impact-resistant plastic, with clarity for a good view of the prints. It can be customized with the company logo, slogan or any other message (price on request).

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