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Irus System

IRUS System is specialized in smart, qualitative and flexible solutions for spreading advertising messages

Either we talk about stands or exhibition showcases, or about display systems, store signage, fairs or indoor glass fittings, Irus Systems is the professional choice that looks for quick and flexible solutions for the project needs. Anodized aluminum products offers the quality guarantee and an elegant design.

Choose the smart systems for your business!



Irus Connectors

Irus connectors offer the flexibility that your project needs

It works with a large range of materials, as wood, glass, plastic, composit, metal, with various thickness, from 3-5 mm, 5-8 mm, 10-13 mm up to 13-16 mm. In addition, you can get various angle connections depending on the project needs. There may be connected up to 4 types of panels using only one Irus connector!

Steel or plastic screws can be used depending on the material of the connected panels. Steel screws are suitable for connections to all types of panels except glass. Only plastic fixing screws are used for glass panels.
The quality and appearance are perfect due to the anodized aluminum products and the mounting can easily be realized.



Flexi-Long, versatile, easy to assemble and a various range of applications

Flexi-Long - profiles and elements for self assembling of the pillars and information systems, flyer stands, partitions and other constructions. Any Irus connector up to 8 mm works with Flexi-Long range of products.

Special lengths, on request!



Flexi-Quick profiles and elements for "Do It Yourself" assembling or modules, exhibition stands

We offer you Flexi-Quick profiles and elements for "Do It Yourself" assembling or modules, exhibition stands on standard dimension that you may combine, at elegant presentations in the showroom, exhibition and fairs.

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Display and Exhibition System

DesignFriends Display and Exhibition System

Display and promotion systems realized from anodized aluminum, with vertical adjustable supports, with click type frame of aluminum. Rounded corners and detachable anti reflexive wrap, designed for A3 and A4 format. The support adjust is quick and easy.


Flexi Snap
In Stock
Mounting for fixing the Flexi-Dock aluminum profile. Extension screws. Easy assembly!
78.00 lei
Round support base Ø 32cm
In Stock
Round support base Ø 32cm, includes the M10 x 30 semi-round fixing screw.
178.20 lei
Flexi Dock
In Stock
Transverse profile 920mm. Easy assembly!
142.20 lei
"Flexible I" information pillar
In Stock
Information pole made of aluminum, with click frame with rounded corners and detachable anti-reflective foil, intended for A4 format posters.
1,125.00 lei
Flexi Quick Pre-assembled
In Stock
Flexi Quick pre-assembled on support with screws, 1 x Flexi-Dock and 2 x Flexi-Snap of 986 mm.
294.50 lei
Support leg 60cm
In Stock
Any Irus-Connectors to 8mm can be combined with Flexi-Long. Special lenghts on request!
133.20 lei
Support Pillar Openings
In Stock
Support column for openings consisting of 2 x Flexi-Long 1100 mm and support legs.
369.00 lei