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Foga System

Foga modular exhibition systems

Foga System- premium quality, design, flexibility and innovation

Foga System offers modular aluminum systems and profiles that you can successfully use in various projects from store arrangements, exhibitions, POS or industrial installations. Here you will find the widest range of extruded aluminum profiles developed in over 50 years of experience, from standard solutions to customized solutions for your needs.

The profiles are available in all sizes from 1 to 9 mm, on standard lengths or on order. The connectors represent the central point around the Foga system and are the ones that successfully connect the profiles.

They are available in all sizes to suit the wide range of aluminum profiles. To all this, are added the corners, connections, covers, fasteners, accessories that emphasize the attention to detail and the premium quality of the FOGA system.


FLEX Profile

Flex premium profile system

Flex is a premium profile system with a wide programme with matching couplings and fittings. The system is easy to handle, flexible, and together with the coupling, which suits all the profiles, you get a perfect fit with high stability and an elegant surface on the profiles. Exhibits and interior are the strength of Flex System.

FABRIC Profile

Profiles for use with tensioned fabric

Foga System offers a variety of profiles for use with tensioned fabric. The fabric is secured into the system using a silicone strip sewn into the edge of the fabric. This simply inserts into a channel built into the profiles, automatically providing the correct tension without the need for any tools.

Ranging from single sided wall mounted solutions using 01TX or 03TX through to 92TX and 43TX for double sided solutions and our largest profile 80TX, which provides 80mm depth between fabrics, allowing for backlit fabric graphics using LED lighting.

The fabric range of profiles have been designed to cover a range of applications, offering the best possible trade off between cost, strength and flexibility for any scenario. We also have a range of foot plates to provide free-standing walls and graphic backdrops.

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