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Communication is the key to success in any field. We here at DesignFriends want to make your job easier and to help you find solutions that are flexible, reliable and adapted to your needs. We’ll be with you every step of the way through your creation and implementation process and we have the know-how to make it happen.

Zoom+ flag
In Stock
The Zoom+ flag is a flexible full fibre flag pole designed to give you a choice of pole sizes covering small, medium, large & extra-large that can accommodate three different flag shapes – Quill, Crest and Feather.
197.80 lei
SquareFix® profile 25x25x1.45x6100mm
In Stock
A handy and decorative tube connecting system for making all kinds of lightweight constructions. For making all kinds of constructions, for endless applications! Quick and easy to assemble! Aesthetic and quality with SquareFix® by Comhan! Other lengths of profiles are available on request, depending on your needs. The perfect do-it-yourself product. The reliable solution for your project. Easy to integrate in any construction.
29.40 lei
Monitor LG touchscreen TA3E
In Stock
LG LED monitors combine state-of-the-art technologies to give you unparalleled contrast, color and processing and shed new light on your content.
8,181.30 lei
Breeze roll-up banner
In Stock
Economical white ABS roller banner which is ideally suited for retail environments.
77.40 lei
SquareFix® 2-way connector 180°
In Stock
Easy and quick assembly in a few steps.The perfect do-it-yourself product.Compatible with SquareFix® profiles or with sandwich panels.
9.40 lei