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Production Materials

DesignFriends Production Materials

We bring added value to your projects from advertising, architecture and design industries with a selection of premium materials, versatile and easy to implement. You can choose the self adhesive decorative foil, ideal for the furniture design, walls, doors, appliances and to other design elements in a variety of colors, shades and textures. For the labels, stickers, posters or instructions, choose YUPO®, the free-adhesive sticker. It is easy to stick and to remove, leaving no traces, it is reusable and repositionable, 100% recyclable, PVC free.

Following the carefully selected portfolio, DesignFriends offers competitive prices for the MDF boards, ACP, PMMA, compact polycarbonate, in various sizes and colors, easy to process, to cut and mill. Also, you may find aluminum profiles for constructions or advertising that guarantee flexible and quick fitting.

Innovation and quality with DesignFriends!


Self-Adhesive Decorative Foil

DesignFriends Self-Adhesive Decorative Foil

Self-adhesive PVC decorative foil for flat or curved surfaces is available in a wide range of colors, shades and textures, ideal for decorating furniture, walls and other design elements. Decorative foils are suitable for architectural and interior design projects, from office buildings, commercial spaces and collective housing to private homes and guesthouses. They are available for both indoor and outdoor applications.

At Design Friends you can also find the decorative foils available in the FR version, fire class B1s1d0. Available in rolls with a width of 1.22m and a length of 50m, the decorative foils are marked on the support which is removed when used with gradations so that you can cut exactly as much as you need without having to measure.

No Glue Stickers YUPO®

Enjoy YUPO®!

The no glue sticker YUPO® sticks easily to flat surfaces, it is reusable and leaves no traces, tear resistant and waterproof. If the sticking is weakened by dust or dirt, just clean the surface with water! 100% recyclable and PVC free.

The difference between YUPO TAKO® and YUPO JELLY® is that YUPO TAKO® is white and YUPO JELLY® is transparent. The no glue sticker YUPO® can be personalized by various print techniques that make it the perfect solution for a lot of aplications: labeling, packaging, design and marketing.

Synthetic Paper

High performance synthetic paper

Synthetic paper is an innovative solution, waterproof, tear resistant, no PVC. These performances make it the perfect solution for a variety of applications such as brochures, catalogs, business cards, menus, calendars, PO signage, labels and more.

Magnetic Foil

Magnetic foil for advertising production

The magnetic foil is easy to print and can be cut using cutting machines, scissors and knives. This presents a wide range of design and endless possibilities. The magnetic foil is versatile, as it can be used and reused anytime you need. The nature of the magnetic foil makes it easy to handle, thus ensuring easy assembly and replacement on site.

Solar control films

The sun's rays are finally tamed

Over the seasons, our solar control films offer many advantages. Indeed, in addition to allowing you to control the light as you wish, they provide thermal optimization: better insulation in winter and a significant reduction in solar heat in summer. So, when the heating or cooling is used less, it's good news for your wallet and the environment. Avoid excessive heat from exposing windows to the sun and protect all objects from UV discoloration. Thanks to our wide range, the ideal film is always at hand. It is suitable for all building architectures, both indoors and outdoors, without ever losing brightness, of course.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass for decoration can be used both indoors and outdoors for landscaping, gardens, playgrounds, green spaces that can not be maintained or where there are no conditions to grow grass, interior design of homes or office space / commercial.

Artificial turf for decoration mimics natural grass very well and comes in many types of grass shapes and grass height so that it can please anyone. Innovation, development (great variety of colors and textures) and competitiveness with respect for the environment have always been in the attention of the manufacturer. It has been taken great care over the design of the products and over reducing the environmental impact, resulting in a considerable reduction in production of waste and emissions.

This thick lawn of synthetic grass looks very much like natural grass. It also fits perfectly with the environment. The artificial grass is very soft and pleasant to the touch. The heavy but flexible support makes the lawn stay in place and is easy to cut to the required size.

Honeycomb Panel

Sustainable, resistant, printable and light

ECO products, 100% recyclable, resistant and tough, easy to handle and to transport due to the light weight. You may personalize them with the desired graphic being printable on the both sides and you can easily cut them by the needed sizes without leaving waste.

You may use them as a sustainable alternative for the foam PVC panels of extruded polystyrene, for the cellular polypropylene panels or other plastic materials.

The panels are ideal for a large range of indoor advertising applications as displays, fair stands, show boxes or various furniture pieces (tables, chairs, cabinets etc). You can successfully use them for packaging, offering stability and more protection to the shipped products. Honeycomb panels give an innovative design, different, 100% ecological and friendly to the environment!

Boards, Sheets & Plates

Boards, Sheets & Plates

Composite aluminum boards, MDF, acrylic boards, polypropylene, compact polycarbonate, bond, of different sizes and colors, easy to process, cut and mill boards, boards used in construction, advertising materials, exhibition stands and others.

Aluminium Profiles

DesignFriends Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium profiles assure speed and flexibility for assembling structures which make for an easy to achieve design for optimizing the appearance of warehouses or production facilities.

Brushed Aluminum Sheet 610x350x0.5mm
In Stock
Sheet made of aluminum, laminated and extruded, brushed in silver, champagne and gold, with various applications in construction, transportation, advertising production, production of electrical and household appliances, automotive industry and others.
59.50 lei
Decorative foil walnut 1,220m width
In Stock
Self-adhesive decorative sticker in PVC roll, walnut decoration, roll width 1,220m, roll length 50m. Available in three shades. (choose the shade below!)
100.60 lei
Smooth Aluminium Sheet 610x350x0.5mm
In Stock
Sheet made of aluminum, laminated and extruded, smooth or smooth silver, champagne, gold, white and copper, with various applications in construction, transport, advertising production, production of electrical and household appliances, automotive industry and others.
59.50 lei
Iron Oxid Decorative Foil 1,220m Width
In Stock
Self-adhesive decorative sticker in PVC roll, iron oxide decoration, roll width 1,220m, roll length 50m. Flame retardant.
201.70 lei