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Pop-up Desks

Welcome your customers with the help of DesignFriends pop-up desks

The way we welcome the customers has a great impact on the whole story about the brand. Stand out by choosing DesignFriends pop-up desks and ensure that your message is correctly and efficiently spread. You may use them as welcome point, info desk, promotion or presentation desk at different events. It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

They are packed in special bags for an easy and safe transport and storage. More than that, inside the promotional desk, there are hidden storage shelves, for any other products you may need to store. Robust and versatile, you can personalize with the graphic you wish, with maximum background covering.

The displayed prices do not include product customization. For included graphics, ask for a special price here!

Pop-up sampling Counta
In Stock
Counta is an extremely cost-effective demonstrator unit that is lightweight, portable and simple to assemble.
743.70 lei
POP-up desk Curved workstation
In Stock
Curved Workstation is part of the Physique Freestyle and Graphic flat-pack counter range.
1,029.30 lei
Double D pop-up desk
In Stock
This popular counter is a very versatile exhibition or promotional unit with a lockable door option.
1,068.00 lei
Pop-up desk Formulate Counter
In Stock
This rectangle counter has a base and top supported by four poles. Tensioned fabric sock is attached using silicone edged material.
1,187.00 lei
Pop-up desk Tornado
In Stock
Pop-up desk Tornado is constructed from a lightweight frame with tambour graphic wrap, making it a very portable promotions counter.
1,541.00 lei
Pop-up desk Hop-up Counta
In Stock
A durable light-weight hop-up counter, quick and easy to assemble with a single wrap around fabric graphic.
1,600.60 lei
Pop-up Counta
In Stock
A convenient lightweight pop-up counter that offers a substantial area to welcome your guests yet packs down for easy transportation in wheeled trolley case.
1,755.20 lei
Gear Edge Straight counter
In Stock
Complete your Gear Edge exhibition panel display with a choice of three counters.
1,780.20 lei
Pop-up desk Luna
In Stock
A very lightweight and attractive workstation with fine-grade fluted plastic tambour for a smoother finish.
1,859.40 lei
Linear Straight Counter
In Stock
Straight Counter complements the Linear range of display products. Linear counters are very solid and durable, yet they can also flat-pack for easy transportation.
2,216.40 lei
Basic Round Counter
In Stock
Simple and effective basic counter perfect for exhibitions and road shows.
2,366.90 lei
Eclipse pop-up desk
In Stock
Eclipse is ideal as a greeting counter, workstation or product display unit.
2,366.90 lei