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ECO Materials

Choose ECO-friendly solutions for your business and take care of the environment!

At DesignFriends you can find sustainable materials that give an innovative design to your project, and also 100% ecological and friendly to our natural ambient.


ECO Sticker Without Adhesive

ECO sticker without adhesive

Can be personalized by various print techniques!

The no glue sticker sticks easily to flat surfaces, it is reusable and leaves no traces, tear resistant and waterproof. If the sticking is weakened by dust or dirt, just clean the surface with water! 100% recyclable and PVC free.

The no glue sticker can be personalized by various print techniques that make it the perfect solution for a lot of aplications: labeling, packaging, design and marketing.

ECO Paper

ECO Paper

ECO paper is an innovative solution, waterproof, tear resistant, no PVC. These performances make it the perfect solution for a variety of applications such as brochures, catalogs, business cards, menus, calendars, PO signage, labels and more.

ECO Boards

ECO Boards, sustainable, resistant, printable and light

Honeycomb panels give an innovative design, different, 100% ecological and friendly to the environment!

ECO products, 100% recyclable, resistant and tough, easy to handle and to transport due to the light weight. You may personalize them with the desired graphic being printable on the both sides and you can easily cut them by the needed sizes without leaving waste.

The panels are ideal for a large range of indoor advertising applications as displays, fair stands, show boxes or various furniture pieces (tables, chairs, cabinets etc). You can successfully use them for packaging, offering stability and more protection to the shipped products.