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Philips Monitors

It is now very easy to choose your next Philips Monitor

Performance Series offers state-of-the-art TV technologies, including 4K UHD, Room-Wrapping Ambilight, Android TV, Google Assistant, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.


B-Line Series

Professional productivity

B-Line - Business Line

Increases productivity. Philips B-Line integrates seamlessly into corporate systems for efficient control. The built-in Chromecast ensures smooth operation of presentations, with instant wireless media sharing on Windows, Apple and Android devices ™.

C-Line Series

Interactive display for meetings

C-Line - Corporate Interactive

Maximize involvement and inspire collaboration with a Philips C-Line interactive display. These Android displays are designed to withstand intense daily use and have up to 10 touch points, glass from edge to edge and level installation design.

Q-Line Series

D-Line Display Philips

D-Line - Basic Professional Signage

Stand out with a professional and fast Philips D-Line FHD display. The superb quality of the Philips image ensures faithful colors and intense contrast. You can effortlessly display content from multiple sources on a single screen.

H-Line Series

It attracts attention

H-line - High Brightness

Your message will remain visible day and night with the Philips H Line Full HD panel. Thanks to the amazing clarity and contrast, it is the perfect solution for crowded areas, exposed to strong ambient light.

P-Line Series

Resistant and capable

P-line - Professional Signage

Meets the demands of difficult environments with a professional and robust P-Line Full HD display. Heavy-duty components keep this display functional from the kitchen to the engine room.

T-Line Series

Interactive classroom display

T-line - Interactive Signage

Maximize involvement and inspire collaboration with a Philips T-Line interactive display. Featuring secure anti-reflection glass, these Android displays are designed to withstand intense daily use and have up to 20 touch points.

Q-Line Series

Q-Line Display Philips

Q-line - Basic Signage

Inform and delight the audience with a professional Ultra HD Philips Q-Line display. This reliable solution can be installed and is ready to use as soon as you need it.

X-Line Series

Versatile video wall display

X-line - Video wall Signage

Get attention with a Philips X-Line video wall display. The extremely narrow frame allows the almost imperceptible connection of a display of any size.


Philips monitors accesories

For the best performance of Philips products, we recommend that you use only original accessories!