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Roll-up Banners

DesignFriends Roll-up Banners

The most commonly used exhibition system due to the low price and execution time. Because it is easy to use and transport, it makes it the ideal way to promote your business. The roll-up system on which the graphics are mounted is made of aluminum and is delivered together with the textile bag for transport.

Standard dimensions for banner rollup:
85 x 200 cm, 100 x 200 cm, 120 x 200 cm, 150 x 200 cm.

The displayed prices do not include product customization. For included graphics, ask for a special price here!

Breeze roll-up banner
In Stock
Economical white ABS roller banner which is ideally suited for retail environments.
77.40 lei
Grasshopper roll-up banner
In Stock
Grasshopper Basics Roller Banner, one of the best selling roller banners on the market.
229.00 lei
Solo roll-up banner
In Stock
The Solo banner is a compact roller banner oozing with style.
277.30 lei
Aero+ roll-up banner
In Stock
Modular cassette roller banner system, adjustable in height, width and repositionable at different angles.
458.90 lei
Orient+ roll-up banner
In Stock
Front-loading graphic that pulls up from the front of the base ensuring your brand message has maximum visibility from floor to rail.
553.30 lei
Dragonfly 2 roll-up banner
In Stock
Dragonfly 2 is a double-sided basic roll-up banner that is versatile for it can also be employed as a single sided banner stand.
562.30 lei
Original+ roll-up banner
In Stock
Adjustable height premium roller banner in a variety of sizes up to three meters.
791.40 lei
Barracuda roll-up banner
In Stock
Stylish adjustable height premium roller banner with large internal graphic housing and tensioner.
870.50 lei
Giant Mosquito roll-up banner
In Stock
All the advantages of the Mosquito roller banner but with the advantage of extending up to three meters high!
965.40 lei
Excaliber 2 roll-up banner
In Stock
Great premium double-sided banner which can be accessorised using it's linear channel with iPad holders, shelving and leaflet holders.
1,147.40 lei