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Flexi-Long, versatile, easy to assemble and a various range of applications

Flexi-Long - profiles and elements for self assembling of the pillars and information systems, flyer stands, partitions and other constructions. Any Irus connector up to 8 mm works with Flexi-Long range of products.

Special lengths, on request!


Round support base Ø 32cm
In Stock
Round support base Ø 32cm, includes the M10 x 30 semi-round fixing screw.
178.20 lei
Support leg 60cm
In Stock
Any Irus-Connectors to 8mm can be combined with Flexi-Long. Special lenghts on request!
133.20 lei
Adjustable leg screw M10x30mm
In Stock
Adjustable leg with M10x30mm screw, for leveling and supporting the advertising panels.
11.60 lei