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Modular Exhibition Systems

Modular Exhibition Systems, everything you need for fitting out shops, offices or various other interior design requirements

DesignFriends solutions are flexible, aesthetic, reliable, easy and simple to install. They can be integrated in a various range of constructions, from exhibition stands, display cases, display, signage and presentation systems, up to commercial furniture, tables, storage systems, protective screes, for all required sizes.



SquareFix® by Comhan is the perfect system for tube connecting

Everything is done quickly and easily, with minimum effort. The SquareFix® line includes 6 square aluminum profiles (25 x 25 x 1.45 mm), with a length of 6.1 m and different flanges. Other lengths of profiles are available on request.

The black plastic steel reinforced connectors link to anodized aluminium profiles. You can choose connectors with 2, 3, 4, 5 and even 6 ways, that allow for connections in any direction. The connectors easily and quickly attach to the anodized aluminium profiles by a rivet and for permanent fixing, an adhesive can be used.

SquareFix® is the perfect do-it-yourself product that almost anyone can use or integrate. This is due to the fact that all you need is for the profiles to have a straight cut at the end. Additionally, the SquareFix® connectors can be perfectly combined with lightweight aluminium composite sandwich type panels.

SquareFix® can be used successfully for assembling shelves, displays, showcases, cabinets, protective screens or tables.

SquareFix® anodized aluminum profiles, 6.1 m length;
Black plastic steel reinforced connectors;
Cut-to-size on request.

In addition: Assemble a light construction out of aluminum composite panels (ACP) and VHB tape.

Irus System

IRUS System is specialized in smart, qualitative and flexible solutions for spreading advertising messages

Either we talk about stands or exhibition showcases, or about display systems, store signage, fairs or indoor glass fittings, Irus Systems is the professional choice that looks for quick and flexible solutions for the project needs. Anodized aluminum products offers the quality guarantee and an elegant design.

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The X-MODULE modular system is designed to make your work easier. Modular systems are extremely flexible and easy to configure. The modular system allows you to build many different configurations using the same set of components, without using tools.

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Foga System

Foga modular exhibition systems

Foga System- premium quality, design, flexibility and innovation

Foga System offers modular aluminum systems and profiles that you can successfully use in various projects from store arrangements, exhibitions, POS or industrial installations. Here you will find the widest range of extruded aluminum profiles developed in over 50 years of experience, from standard solutions to customized solutions for your needs.

The profiles are available in all sizes from 1 to 9 mm, on standard lengths or on order. The connectors represent the central point around the Foga system and are the ones that successfully connect the profiles.

They are available in all sizes to suit the wide range of aluminum profiles. To all this, are added the corners, connections, covers, fasteners, accessories that emphasize the attention to detail and the premium quality of the FOGA system.

A4 information pillar
In Stock
Information pole made of aluminum, with click frame with rounded corners and detachable anti-reflective foil, intended for A4 format posters. 
565.30 lei
Flexi Snap
In Stock
Mounting for fixing the Flexi-Dock aluminum profile. Extension screws. Easy assembly!
78.00 lei
SquareFix® 2-way connector 180°
In Stock
Easy and quick assembly in a few steps.The perfect do-it-yourself product.Compatible with SquareFix® profiles or with sandwich panels.
9.40 lei
SquareFix® profile 25x25x1.45x6100mm
In Stock
A handy and decorative tube connecting system for making all kinds of lightweight constructions. For making all kinds of constructions, for endless applications! Quick and easy to assemble! Aesthetic and quality with SquareFix® by Comhan! Other lengths of profiles are available on request, depending on your needs. The perfect do-it-yourself product. The reliable solution for your project. Easy to integrate in any construction.
44.50 lei
Round support base Ø 32cm
In Stock
Round support base Ø 32cm, includes the M10 x 30 semi-round fixing screw.
178.20 lei
A3 information pillar
In Stock
Information pole made of aluminum, with click frame with rounded corners and detachable anti-reflective foil, intended for A3 format posters. 
625.00 lei
Flexi Dock
In Stock
Transverse profile 920mm. Easy assembly!
142.20 lei