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Solar control films

The sun's rays are finally tamed

Over the seasons, our solar control films offer many advantages. Indeed, in addition to allowing you to control the light as you wish, they provide thermal optimization: better insulation in winter and a significant reduction in solar heat in summer. So, when the heating or cooling is used less, it's good news for your wallet and the environment. Avoid excessive heat from exposing windows to the sun and protect all objects from UV discoloration. Thanks to our wide range, the ideal film is always at hand. It is suitable for all building architectures, both indoors and outdoors, without ever losing brightness, of course.



Outdoor solar control films

The Exterior Mirror range of DesignFriends window films combines efficiency and stylish design, offering an elegant and aesthetic solution to enhance any large expanse of glazing.


Indoor solar control films

The Indoor Mirror range of DesignFriends self-adhesive window films successfully combines efficiency and design, offering an elegant aesthetic solution to enhance any large expanse of glazing.

Adhesive Film Design

The windows adapt to the visibility needs

The desire for privacy is natural ...

Whether at the heart of a business or in the comfort of a home, it allows you to find yourself and be yourself. With our range of design films, new perspectives of intimacy are available to those who need them, whether for a meeting room or a bathroom. Whether indoors or outdoors, our films offer varying degrees of opacity and patterns to match privacy needs without losing brightness.

Originality guaranteed!

Adhesive Safety Film

Both in a home and in a business, it is essential to offer optimal security to avoid intrusions

Because they are unfortunately the preferred target of burglars and vandals, windows can quickly turn into a front door ... It is good to take the lead and apply a layer of security to the windows. Our different types of films adapt to all glass surfaces and can offer other advantages such as avoiding scratches or protecting against graffiti. Indeed, we offer different ranges that adapt to homes, businesses but also to dance halls, for example, thanks to our mirror back protection.

Remember, security is priceless, that is we offer security films in accordance with the PPMS decree (specific precautionary safety measures plan). They are the best way to deal with break-ins by keeping people safe inside while avoiding broken and flying glass.

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