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Acrylic Sheets

DesignFriends acrylic sheets

Acrylic sheet or organic glass is commonly known as acrylic glass. The acrylic sheet has a good transparency, chemical stability, mechanical properties and weather resistance, light painting, easy processing and a beautiful appearance. The plates can be processed according to preferences.



PMMA XT can become a support for the imagination

PMMA XT, Extruded acrylic boards used for lighting companies, exhibition stands, advertising signs, protections for work equipment or commercial furniture. Acrylic tiles can be drilled, cut or milled. They can be thermoformed, hot bent and screen printed. This way I can become a support for the imagination!


PMMA CN cast acrylic tiles are used indoors and outdoors

Cast acrylic plates, with a high degree of light transmission (92% for transparent plates) compared to glass, to which is added resistance to UV rays and aging. Cast acrylic tiles are rigid, impact resistant and weigh less than half the weight of a glass pane of the same size.

Cast acrylic tiles are used indoors and outdoors, for making light commercials, volumetric letters, exhibition stands and other products that can attract the attention of passers-by.