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Are you looking for pieces of furniture for your home, office or other location? DesignFriends produces furniture for decorating the living room, bedroom, kitchen or office. See the products below!


Commercial Furniture

Commercial furniture is that type of furniture intended exclusively for use in commercial spaces.

DesignFriends makes professional furniture for commercial spaces, shops and malls, furnishing solutions for hotels, restaurants and cafes, museums, libraries, exhibitions, company headquarters and others.

Office Furniture

In this category you will find office furniture, tables, chairs and cabinets. Custom furniture and accessories.

Custom Made Furniture

DesignFriends produces custom made furniture with delivery and assembly both in Bucharest and throughout the country. Designfriends furniture is reliable and optimally accessorized. We guarantee the quality of the furniture made.

Textile Furniture

Textile furniture made of upholstered wood with different types of textiles depending on your preferences.

Urban Furniture

Urban Furniture

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